Business IT Services

We can maintain and support your computers, servers, network and all the applications you need.

IT Support

From software to hardware issues, we can work on a variety of issues. We can also run diagnostics and get down to root of the problem. Typically the sooner we're able to work on an issue, the faster, easier and more affordable the repair will be. We offer On-site, In-house and remote support. Give us a call and we can discuss the best options on how to repair the issue.

Network Support

We can troubleshoot network issues and keep downtime to a minimum. We can also set up a new network or provide support to an existing one. A network is more than structured cabling, we can conduct a network site survey and recommend any improvements if need be. A network needs to be reliable and efficient, we can help with that.


We can help protect your network from a cyber-attack, or even assist with the aftermath of one. We can help bring control to your network and put measures in place such as being able to block websites that could prevent a security breach.


We understand the unique challenges in the industries we service.

  • Healthcare

FIREWIRE provides a wide range of IT services to clients in the healthcare industry. Clients ranging from medical centers, to individual doctor’s offices including multi-location clinics and full-service hospitals.

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  • Law Offices

FIREWIRE helps law firms focus on providing the best legal guidance to their clients without the stress or delays of IT issues.

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  • Small to Medium Size Businesses

Whether you have an immediate technical issue or are looking for a long-term trusted IT partner, we can provide award winning IT support.

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  • Accounting

We can help your accounting firms by bringing a technology solution to streamline your processes such as helping connect with clients across town by setting up a remote connection.

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  • Franchises

We understand some franchises have corporate help limited to remote support and we can help close the gap by providing local IT support for different franchises.

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  • Government

We provide secure, affordable, dependable IT support to government agencies and help in strategic guidance in overcoming technology issues.

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  • Manufacturing

We can work with your IT department to keep downtime to a minimum and deliver unparalleled technical support for busy manufacturers.

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  • Non-Profit

Non-profits need a strategic IT partner to help them focus on their mission while we manage the IT.

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